The Team

Meet the team at Waihi Beach TOP 10 Holiday Resort

A friendly bunch at Waihi Beach

Owners – Ian and Vicki

Ian and Vicki get a thrill from the sense of community they have created at the resort. Many families return every summer and some have been coming year after year for generations. New friendships are made, especially amongst children and then that in turn generates friendships amongst parents.

Ian and Vicki invite those that haven’t stayed at a holiday resort for a while to return, relax and revive.  “Gone are the days of cold showers and lumpy mattresses, holiday parks have changed!   We’ve recognized that we are competing against hotels and motels so we’ve upped the game.”

Operations Managers – John & Kim Smith

Our super friendly managers, John and Kim have relocated from Auckland and are excited to be taking on their new roles of Operations Managers.

Groundsmen –  Andy and Adam

Andy is our experienced groundsman and he brings lots of knowledge to the Grounds team.

Adam is an experienced outdoor guy and has a great customer service attitude.

Our groundsmen keep our park working by fixing all the bits and bobs and keeping your sites looking great!

Reception – Kelly, Megan & Marie

Kelly has worked here at Waihi Beach for over a year and loves getting to know all of our guests.

Megan actually grew up in the resort so knows the park and surrounding area really well.

Marie has come back to work at the park after a brief break of 17 years farming!

All three know the area well and can help give our guests plenty of ideas of things to do and see in the local area. They can also give you the low down on the best places to dine.

Housekeepers – Mabel, Tracy, Erica, Ann, Joanne & Renee.

Mabel is a seasoned housekeeper and team leader and has returned to us again after spening time with the Navy.

All of our housekeeping staff with their high standards are a part of the vibrant, dedicated staff we have. You’ll see the housekeepers busy around the resort cleaning our Units, Cabins, and facilities. They are the magic fairies that keep our place looking so spotless.